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I am a professional computer tech with over 25 years experience and I want to share my experiences with you. I highly recommend watching videos from beginning to end because sometimes near the end I will cover very important things that are helpful to know. From how to use the cloud to how to download to simple to learn computer instructions and so much more.

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Do You Need To Take Control of Your Network

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Traffic Inspector

An integrated gateway solution for controlling access to the Internet and for providing data transmission services. The product contains: a proxy server that provides caching and blocks unwanted resources; a simple and secure firewall to protect against network attacks; a billing system; accounting for all types of traffic (through the proxy server, the mail gateway, and NAT); a system for the dynamic control of speed and sessions; blocking of excessive network activity; diversion and routing of traffic; mail gateway; integration with Active Directory; secure authorization; web server statistics; remote access; reports.